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By using quizzes, gamified content and our Prompt Technology™, we help brands collect audience data that their customers willingly share. This is known as ‘zero-party data’ (Forrester, 2020) which is defined as data that a customer ‘intentionally and proactively shares with a brand’. This method contrasts with third-party data which involves collecting data from external sources, usually without the customer’s awareness. While data laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have made third-party data less appealing, they’ve also made zero-party data more important.

To this end, the customer data we collect using our gamified content at Sport Insights Media is more authentic, reliable and transparently shared. It requires no level of interpretation as customers explicitly express their views, opinions and preferences about your brand or product.

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Our solution to customer intelligence strives to remove the tedious, slow, and artificial nature of doing market research while enabling brands to collect real customer data in real-time. Because our gamified content is enjoyable to play, our players reciprocally and proactively express the important behaviours and thoughts your business cares about (Cialdini & Sagarin, 2005).

Unlike market research, your customers and fan base engage with our quizzes because they want to and not because they are being paid to do so. What this means is that brands can learn from huge quantities of motivated customers who really represent your target audience. The upside? You get to immediately access untapped and valuable reservoirs of customer insight.

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