We provide multi-channel gamified content to engage your audience and learn what they think about your brand.

Our aim at SIM is to give brands access to more authentic and reliable data on their target customers that doesn’t rely on third-party sources. A new approach was needed to engage with customers in a way where they wanted to share their data.

To answer this, we developed a series of games to engage with large groups of audiences. Using our Prompt Technology™ , customers are able to willingly share their views and opinions about brands and products which becomes the game-changing insight for many of our clients strategies.

Unlike with third-party data, we collect ‘zero-party data’ which provides more genuine customer insight that doesn’t require any interpretation. As part of the game, we ask your customers what brands want to know. Whether it’s a Starting 11 quiz or gamified widget on your page, our transparent approach to collecting robust customer data will supercharge your brand awareness, marketing and sales.

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Next level Gamification

Our multi-channel quizzes and gamified content captivate large audience groups.

unique Prompt Technology™

Our Prompt Technology™ nudges customers to openly share their data as part of the game/quiz.

Authentic customer data

As engaged customers want to interact with our gamified content, they willingly and authentically share the key opinions your brand is interested in.

Insight-fuelled digital activation

Our reliable customer insights show brands how to better connect with existing audiences and win new ones.

The customer insight solution of tomorrow.

Engaged audiences. Transparent data collection. Powerful insights.

Our quizzes and gamified content create strong relationships with large audience groups.

This approach lets brands access untapped insight into how their customers think, feel and view their products.

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