The Goal.

Discover new fan trends.

Facing fewer fans than other competitor clubs, AS Monaco needed a better understanding of their fanbase.

They needed deeper insight about their fans to reveal a fresh approach to how they could interact with them, and therefore boost fan engagement and activation.

The Tactics.

Learn new ways to interact with fans.

AS Monaco approached Sport Insights Media to help provide the missing piece around who their fans really were.

After defining the challenge, we developed a list of questions that would tap into the psychology of their fans. The questions were embedded into one of our bespoke football quizzes that were hosted on a microsite site for 15 days.

Using our Prompt Technology ™, we were able to quickly surface an incredibly rich understanding of the desires, frustrations and unmet needs of the AS Monaco fanbase.

We then helped AS Monaco utilise the customer insight in their CRM so that they could develop highly-receptive email marketing campaigns. No longer were the email campaigns built on assumptions, they had the psychographic insight to reignite their fanbase.

The Result.

Advance strategy with fan insight.

Owning this vital piece of fan personality intelligence, allowed Monaco to boost their fan engagement and activation by 36%.

Despite the club having 15 million fans on social media in February 2021, Sport Insights Media were able to be part of the charge in helping AS Monaco to connect and hit over 20 million fans today.

The campaign helped to shape AS Monaco’s digital marketing for the new season.


  • 63% of users played more than 3 games during the campaign
  • 46% of users opted-in to the marketing newsletter

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