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A real test for serious sports fans. Players pit their wits against mystery starting lineups across a wide range of different sports.

An engaging tool that gets more challenging the longer they play with unrivalled satisfaction upon completion. Great for the individual quizzer or group of sports fanatics.

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Players work their grey matter answering questions with multiple answers in an attempt to complete the list.

Seriously engaging with endless possibilities, it’s a classic quiz format that will keep users entertained and coming back for more.

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A range of versatile tools that gives sports fans the ability to deliver real-time feedback to sporting events and news.

Intuitive and simple to engage with, but seriously powerful when it comes to drawing insight from your audience.

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Lineup Predictor

Fans use their sporting knowledge to predict starting lineups for live events. Truly engaging and rewarding to those in the know.

A real test for genuine sports fans with a high player return rate. Highly competitive and extremely sharable.

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Simple in its format, this tool allows fans to predict the outcome of different sports events through various aspects of the competition.

A truly engaging experience that connects fans to live sporting events – perfect for those who are in the know when it comes to sport.

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Sweepstake Shuffle

A simple but hugely engaging tool, sport fans are presented with a range of sporting outcomes for live events that are a mere card shuffle away.

Covering an endless range of in-game events, players can stick or twist on probable outcomes based on their knowledge of the game. Super addictive, and super rewarding.

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