Boost your ad revenue, improve your users’ dwell time and easily collect compliant data from your users with gamification.

Create engaging and interactive quizzes, games and widgets to see your average RPM increase by 15%.

Gamification for Publishers

As a publisher, you’re always looking for ways to maximize revenue and keep your audience engaged. Gamification is the secret to achieving both.

SIM helps publishers like you implement effective gamification strategies to increase dwell time, improve CPMs, gather leads, and create viral content to captivate your audience.

How RPMs work for Publishers and how gamification improves ad revenue

By increasing dwell time on your site through gamification, you’re giving your ads more opportunities to be seen and interacted with, leading to higher average RPMs across your site, and increasing your ad revenue.

SIM’s gamification solutions are designed to keep users engaged, creating a more valuable advertising space for your brand partners.

Collect compliant zero-party data from your readers

With gamified data capture, our clients see increased conversion rates for email subscribers.

What’s more, our games are designed to gather valuable data from your users, such as their favourite sports teams, betting habits, or preferred brands, enabling you to create refined marketing segments.

This helps improve your email marketing and enhance user retention through targeted campaigns that deliver content your audience actually cares about, and click through to read, increasing your website traffic.

How We Can Help You

Increase dwell time on your site, leading to improved average RPM
Enhance lead gathering through gamified data capture
Boost the potential for viral content and drive organic growth
Generate additional revenue streams through branded games
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