It’s simple, we help brands connect with their customers through gamification to collect powerful, compliant data.

Unlock valuable insights, improve customer segmentation, and lower acquisition costs through engaging and interactive experiences.

Gamification for Brands

Gamification is the key to unlocking a deeper understanding of your audience and improving the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

SIM is your go-to partner to harness the power of gamification to drive customer engagement, gather zero-party data, and optimise your marketing strategy.

Prompt Technologyis the only solution that allows brands to truly connect with users and collect Zero Party Data in a new engaging way.

Zero-party data collection: a necessity in the evolving digital landscape

Collecting fully-compliant data has never been more necessary for brands. With GDPR, iOS14, limitations with first-party and server-side tracking, and the much-anticipated ‘death’ of the cookie affecting all brands online, finding valuable and (most importantly) compliant ways to gather your customers’ data has never been more difficult.

Our tailored, innovative solutions create engaging and interactive experiences that resonate with your audience, drive growth, and ensure you remain ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

How We Can Help You

Collect invaluable & compliant zero-party data directly from your customers
Gain real insights to better understand your target audience
Improve customer segmentation and personalisation for more effective marketing campaigns
Reduce cost per acquisition (CPA) through gamified data capture

Why SIM?

Reduced CPA
Generate leads at a lower CPA by directing users to landing pages containing our games and quizzes.
Business Intelligence
Understand what your customers want and what makes them make decisions.
Customer segmentation
Create powerful marketing segments of users with explicitly stated interests. For example, our quizzes are great at segmenting football fans into teams they support for customised email campaigns.
Brand awareness
Well-designed gamified marketing campaigns can go viral, attracting new audiences and increasing overall brand awareness - got an idea for your next gamified campaign? We'll make it happen.
Build a community
Engage with your audience to turn passive users and customers into brand advocates. The best marketing interactions can't be tracked, and happen on the other side of the phone screen.
Email list
Reduced CPA
Business Intelligence
Viral potential
Customer segmentation
PA System
Brand awareness
Build a community

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